Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Salem ASC (ASC – Ambulatory Surgery Center) is a brand-new outpatient surgical facility providing dental care to pediatric patients requiring a higher level of sedation and monitoring than traditional in-office services.

A few reasons a child may need this level of care are:
  1. Severe gag reflux
  2. Complex medical conditions
  3. Difficulty in achieving numbness
  4. Physical, emotional, or developmental challenges
We are the only facility in Salem County to offer pediatric dentistry in a surgical setting by utilizing general anesthesia to place your child into a deep sleep and ensure that he/she is being treated comfortably and safely without a lasting fear of dental care.

To ensure the safety and comfort of your child during procedures, Salem ASC has board-certified anesthesiologists onsite to provide professional anesthesia care.  Our team also allows a parent to stay with their child as much as possible throughout the visit to keep the child at ease.

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