Customers trust us

Convenience. Parking and scheduling are generally easier and more convenient at ASCs, given that they are smaller and focused on specialty care. The Salem ASC has a dedicated team of professionals to assist in assuring that your patient experience is professional, comforting and efficient. We will communicate with you as soon as you are ready to be scheduled and will remain in contact with you until your recovery.
Lower costs. ASCs generally result in lower out-of-pocket costs for patients (Versus being performed in the hospital outpatient setting), and decreased costs for insurance companies. We will communicate with you and your insurance company to keep you informed of all costs before, during, and after your procedure.
Quality of care. The Salem ASC is held to strict rules ensuring that we maintain a sanitary environment to minimize infections and communicable diseases. We specialize in very particular procedures, and concentrate on providing the best care possible for those specialty services. We are an ever changing provider, constantly evolving our processes to keep our patients safe and healthy.

In response to the current public health crisis, we have urgently moved to provide our counselling, CBT and therapy services online and by telephone. We have launched our new online portal to support you in finding the right practitioner for you, and our online services include: individual therapy, couples/relationship therapy and consultative support for helping children/young people. If you have any specific needs or requests, please ask. We will do our best to help. Call or email now.