Patient Information

Pre-Op Instructions

  • Do not eat or drink anything 7 hours before surgery (including water, gum or candy)
  • Do not smoke 12 hours before and after surgery
  • No alcoholic beverages 24 hours before and after surgery
  • Medication restrictions: consult your doctor
  • Do not take Aspirin 48 hours before surgery unless otherwise stated by your doctor


  • Please bring insurance card and two major forms of identification with you (driver’s license, state ID, or passport)
  • Leave your jewelry and valuables at home, remove ALL body piercings
  • An adult must be available to drive you home after the surgery; you will not be allowed to drive yourself home
  • If possible, an adult should be home with you after the procedure to assist you in your recovery
  • Do not wear makeup, nail polish, bath oils, lotions, and powders on your face or body—you may use deodorant
  • Do not shave your surgical site—shaving can irritate your skin, which may lead to infection
  • Prior to surgery, your glasses/contacts and dentures may be removed, please bring a case for them
  • Shower with an antibacterial soap like Dial or Lever (bar or body wash) the evening before and prior to your arrival to the center
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing and shoes that are easy to put on and take off

Post-Op Instructions

  • Because you have received sedation during your procedure/surgery, you may have some mild after effects for a few hours following your operation or procedure.  The following precautions should be taken unless your doctor instructs otherwise:

    • No alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours
    • Do not drive or operate machinery or equipment for 24 hours after returning home
    • Do not make any major/legal decisions for 24 hours after returning home
    • Contact your doctor if you experience nausea or vomiting
    • Avoid strenuous activity until seen by your doctor/surgeon. Stair climbing should be done slowly and carefully – you may tire easily with activity, which is expected
    • Avoid lifting anything over 10 pounds
    • Advance your diet slowly over the next day or two – avoid spicy, greasy and heavy meals