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Our Campus Story

After closing in August 2008, the Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center was reconstructed to comprise of both residential and medical components.  Making up the medical component of the property, the Muhlenberg Medical Arts Complex houses Muhlenberg ASC, a 17,728 SF ambulatory surgery center.  With its location in such a densely populated area of New Jersey, Muhlenberg ASC will be a large benefit to the residents who have gone nearly 15 years without affordable healthcare in the community. 

We specialize in minimally invasive, out-of-network treatment. Muhlenberg ASC (MASC) offers patients access to quality, affordable, convenient outpatient surgical procedures. Equipped with the latest in research, technology and treatments, MASC is able to provide you with healthcare excellence.

Muhlenberg ASC (MASC) is a New Jersey Surgery Center that offers patients access to quality, affordable, convenient outpatient surgical procedures, and provides doctors with a stress free and convenient surgery center experience. Our facility is equipped for almost any surgery and specializes in Pain Management, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Ortho Spine, Spine/Neurosurgery, and Lower Extremity Vascular Surgery.  We provide the latest in research, technology, treatments, and attentive staff, our team is ready to assist you in your next surgery!

At Muhlenberg ASC, the patient is our first priority.  By establishing trust and confidence we strive to provide excellence in patient care to the residents of Union County.

With the reintroduction of healthcare services to the local community, we hope to provide quality, cost-effective care and to continue to grow along with the needs of Union County.

Empathy: By practicing empathy, we are able to build trusting relationships with our patients during a time that may be stressful or difficult.

Integrity: At Muhlenberg ASC we work to provide the highest level of care to every individual.

Clinical Quality: All Muhlenberg ASC surgeons are board-certified and highly experience in their respective fields.  We provide only the latest, state-of-the-art technology in our facility in order to ensure your comfort.

Commitment to Clients:  At Muhlenberg ASC, we are committed to our patients’ safety and their overall experience in our ASC.  We aim for them to feel comfortable and cared for throughout the entire surgical process

Why Choose Us

Gaining Your Trust is Important to Us.

That is why we only employ empathetic professionals that will ensure your comfort and relieve your stress. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that you receive the highest-quality of care in a comforting setting.


Our dedicated team works to ensure that your patient experience is professional, comforting, and efficient.

Lower Costs:

ASCs generally result in lower-out-of-pocket costs for patients and for your convenience, we accept most major insurance plans.

Quality of Care:

We guarantee to maintain a sanitary environment as one of our significant priorities along with patient care.


You are our number one priority and we do everything in our power to ensure that you are comfortable in our care.

Why Muhlenberg ASC?

With its convenient location in Union County, Muhlenberg ASC is available for all outpatient surgery needs. Located in the Muhlenberg Medical Arts Complex, Muhlenberg ASC is a newly-renovated facility, accommodating four (4) “Class C” Operating Rooms, eight (8) Pre-Op beds, twelve (12) Post-Op (PACU) beds, and is fully equpped.
Four (4) Spacious “Class C” Operating Rooms
Eight (8) Pre-Op Beds
Twelve (12) Post-Op (PACU) Beds

Why Choose Us?

We are experts in Out of Network ASC Management. Muhlenberg ASC is a progressive, multispecialty medical facility dedicated to healing and excellence.  You will find that MASC is a safe, lower-cost alternative to inpatient hospital care.  Patients have surgery at the center and return home on the same day, and receive one-on-one care. 

Our team provides comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services.  We honor individuality, empower people through clear and concise communication, and strive to earn the trust of every patient we treat.